Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mom and I on my birthday

Driving to the???
Rogue Valley Mall for my birthday

We ate at subway in the mall
Mom had a salad

Hello everyone,
I just want to say that Mom and I went to the Rogue Valley mall for my birthday and after we were done shopping I got new heelys and some nice new black boots and other stuff. Thank you so much Mom for everything, I had a wonderful time.


Ginger said...

Fun, fun, and more fun. So neat that you and your Mom spent time on your birthday out shopping and having quality time together. You are one beautiful girl Ellie!!!!!

Grandma of Many said...

It sure looked like a great day. That one on one time is the best. You have a wonderful mother and she has a wonderful daughter and I have a wonderful granddaughter. Love you, Grandma Dot