Saturday, August 30, 2008

We love the Clouds

These pictures are for John and Ginger Cloud. We love them and can't wait to see them.


The Goldman Family said...

OH YES!!!!! We are all excited to see those wonderful Clouds rolling into Medford, Oregon! What great pictures Ellie, your so clever.
Love ya

The Goldman Family said...

What a grat pic.


John said...

Someone knows how to make us feel special!!! Where did you find those pictures? How clever. But then, you always were clever. And cute. And kind. Thank you. That was very sweet of you to think of us. Love you.

Vickie said...

Very cool pictures and we love the Clouds also. Hugs...

Grandma of Many said...

Now, those are some beautiful clouds. Oh, but so are the Cloud's, meaning Ginger and John. Thanks for the post Ellie. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said... to should be in one of the pictures. You light up any day and are a heart within a heart!!! Love you. Aunt Ginger

David Kruse said...

Those are some cool pictures Ellie. Did you take them? Well, hope you post real soon 'cause I'm getting anxious. I'll see ya tomorrow at church. Until then, God bless.

In Christ,

Destiny said...

Awww... that's sweet!

However, I do think it'd be nice to have another post on this blog sometime soon... *smile*... =)

Maybe you could post a video of you singing... I just love hearing you sing!!! You have such a beautiful voice!!!

K, I'll be looking forward to your next post... :o)


Isabelle said...

Hey Elli,
Well, I told you I would say hi so...HI!!! It was great to see you again last night. I'm lookin forward to that letter. :) Alright see ya soon!

TJS said...

I'm waiting, Ellie :)